A year and a day…

April 8, 2009

I know its been forever and a day since my last update which can be attributed to my laziness for writing. as well as my twitter.. So with that I’m going to try and fill everyone in on what has happened for the past ho hum 8 months of my life….

Honestly nothing drastic has happened to me… I’m still flying coast to coast. For those of you who are not aware, I live in Seattle but I work in DC. Yes, the commute is a little bit longer then the normal but hey it pays my bills. Aside from working I’ve been in the “coast to coast” party mode…

It all started one weekend in LA. 3 nights of bottle service… one day of drinking on the beach and at IN&OUT… yes… great times…. The following week was a chill week back at home in Seattle – the usual Parlor and what not. I then proceeded to hit up SF for Soo’s BDay bash where the dreadful Irene mixup occured… Sorry Irene! I then proceeded to go back to Seattle where I found a new love for TIGS. Well after the weekend in Seattle, I somehow found myself in NYC/Philly. It was great meeting up with the boys and of course hitting up Third Floor, HIRO, and Circle all in one weekend. Third Floor was interesting… Thanks to Jae and Charles for everything including the bathroom floor… HIRO was HIRO (nothing more to say… except DQ I hate you and YOU (you know who you are) are welcome) and Circle… WOW. Koreans…. (And once again DQ I hate you for turning off my alarm). Ah something memorable that I must add – go to Kun Jip and flirt with the hostess… you’ll get free food 😉 try it! After my weekend in NYC/Philly I found myself in Seattle yet again going back to TIGS. (I think I have an addicition to Soju and Hite…. and not to mention Tiggy got a me VIP card for 10% off all TIGS expenses!!! Thanks Tiggy!!!) Anywho, my stinct of coast to coast partying has come to an end after the NYC trip. I was planning a one night excursion to Vegas but I soon found out that my salary will not cover a trip to vegas for one night…

*If anyone wants to know more about anything above feel free to ask… i’ll share what I think you should know ;)*

Aside from the coast to coast partying… my life is pretty dull. It still consist of sleeping on the plane Sunday night and then sleeping at home on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. On the plus side I was able to get my mom an early mothers day gift. I got her first class tickets on Asiana to Korea! 🙂 All the traveling and working is paying off!

I’m still looking for that Condo/House so if anyone has any leads on that feel free to share.

Finally, I have booked my tickets to Seattle for the next three weeks… so after the three weeks is up if you want to go somewhere lets try to plan it… I’m looking for a Vegas trip? Or an Asia excursion? Haha…

Say hi to Tina!

Say hi to Tina!

I love NY... I have more im just lazy and dont want to reformat them...

I love NY... I have more im just lazy and dont want to reformat them...

Tina 2... Effin Cute!

Tina 2... Effin Cute!



Update… wow..

January 27, 2009

So I haven’t been keeping up with my wordpress… for the longest time… (the last time I wrote and entry was 4 months ago!) From my last entry alot of different things happened to me…

1. I saw the first half black half white president get sworn in as president. I WAS THERE!

2. I’ve been flying back and forth from Seattle to DC everyweek… not sure if I like it yet but still doing what I do best and thats work 🙂

3. Spend New Years eve in NYC – I remember this time!

4. trying to finally buy a home… I’m tired of being a nomad with no home…

5. I’m batting 0 for 3 on my list of accomplishments…

6. still single… sadness… haha

7. Realizing now that I’m behind everything that I said I was going to do… which goes back to #5 which is batting for 0 for 3… haha

8. Family welcomed a new Chihuahua/Mini Pincher mix named Tina, a Yorkie named Kona, a cat named Chubby, some fishes and frogs… haha 🙂

9. I’m sure I’ll think of something more later…

I started a twitter… because I think it suits my style more… rather then writing full blown posts I like the idea of writing whats on my mind at that point in time… 


i think thats the link… ok time to go back and work.. so uncool

OHH I totally forgot.. i love my hotel staff…
So I was having a horrible day yesterday and I walked into my hotel room and on my desk is a Yorkie Mommy holding a Yorkie Puppy (2 seperate dolls) and the Yorkie Puppy barks!!! it made me smile 🙂


September 16, 2008

after being in Philly for an year the time has come for me to leave. It is a very bittersweet moment for me. On one hand it is good to move on to my next project. (the reason why I joined consulting) I am excited to be able to go to a new client and see how much I have learned in the past year and measure how well I will be able to succeed in the non government sector. On the other hand it sucks that I have to leave. I have been able to establish myself here as a “knowledgeable” person when I personally feel like I know nothing. Lol. It also sucks that something that I worked hard to make a reality will again be nothing… I mean I knew what I was getting myself into and I thought that I would be a strong enough person to say bye nice knowing you but I learned that I am not as strong as I thought I was… Still much to learn much to experience.

Here is a place that I went to eat… Called Mushulu. I would NOT recommend. Eat on an overpriced boat that you can’t stand straight up in. Not worth it. But thanks ACN. 🙂

Also for those who know me you know how important my doggies are to me. Well either way one of our puppies died due to kideny failure. The fucked up thing is that she died in 5 days of us finding out she had this problem and what’s more fucked up is that even If we knew earlier we couldn’t do anything to help her. Can someone please learn how to do kidney transplants in doggies? Love you Coco Forever and ever.

And now say hi to the new addition… The yorkie terrorist. Size of my hand but way to rowdy. I want Coconut.


September 5, 2008
So I started writing the following and then had to save it due to lazyness… haha sorry 🙂

Started at… 9/3/2008 and updated today 🙂

I know it has been a while since I have posted but please forgive me… Had a crazy weekend 🙂

This past weekend was spent in LA also known as the City of Angels. We started off by eating AMAZING korean BBQ, and then proceeded to go to Disney Land, and then Korean BBQ,  and then of course had to have some PinkBerry and Sushi, then Clubbing, then In&Out (I am still craving Animal Fries), then Universal Studio’s, then Korean BBQ again, and then we ended with some yummy italian food.

Thinking back on the trip to LA, i realized that a majority of it was filled with eating… When i first came to NYC i thought that the Korean food here was amazing, but it is nothing compared to the Korean food that LA has to offer. I can now say that LA is third best. First would be my mommy’s korean food when she cooks and second would be Korea itself 🙂 I ate IN&Out for the first time in my life in LA as well and it was sooo good. If you go you have to get a double double “Animal Style” with the grilled onions and the special sauce, and you need to well done fries “animal style”. By getting the fries well done you ensure that it will not get too soggy from the animal styling. Animal style ensures that your fries come with plenty of melted cheese and then grilled onions and then topped with special sauce (which i swear is 1000 Island). I relized that I ate so much that when i tried to fit into my work clothe… i had to starve myself a day to fit into them… LOL (thats korean BBQ below… SO GOOOD)

thats what Korean BBQ is about...

Continuing on away from the topic of food… We went to disneyland on Friday, and it felt sooo good to be a kid again. The rides were fun, the characters where awesome, and turkey leg that i ate was good too! haha. (thats all of at disneyland below… i know im the ogre… EVEN THE SIGN TOLD ME SIT IN THE BACK.. JERK)
All of us at Disneyland      
After disneyland we went to california adventures which was equally as fun. After the first day filled with theme parks, we decided we would go clubbing on Saturday. I must say that I was disappointed in the club. After clubbing in NYC for an year and then going to LA, i felt i had downgraded alot. The girls were ehh, the club was ehh, (small had to drive etc), but the people i was with made my night. (Thanks you guys, BTT, Soo, and Bruce – and JY For glist 🙂 The next day we ended up going to Universal Studios out second theme park. Universal was FUN! we went on the Jurassic park and the mummy ride… Go very wet on the jurrasic park ride, and the mummy ride was FUN! The roller coaster went forward and backwards! and yeah… im a big scardy lol

I will say that this trip to LA was amazing. I had alot of fun and everyone was so chill that I couldnt have asked for more! Oh there was one part that was really uncool… we some how got a shit load of little ants in our 300M due to people drinking in the back seat and spilling it.. ahem SOO and BRUCE 🙂

After LA, went back to work in Philly, and now I am in… NYC! working in this building… on 6th and 52nd 🙂

Work here...

Work here...

So i took the Amtrak here… and got out of penn station and this is where i came out of…

Penn Station
Penn Station

I must say I love NYC. I love coming out of Penn Station right into the middle of bustling city life. New York, I love you:)

Now if you wondering why is this entry titled exhaused? well… the reason is by the time I get back to Seattle I will have been on the road close to 21 days straight living out a big ass suit case and little suit case. I thought that living out a suit case and out a wouldnt be too hard i mean i have done it for 10-14 days, but adding an extra week in there before going home does make life harder then i thought it would be… but hey I must say that I love what I do… 🙂

MORE PICTURES LATER… too many to look through right now at the office…



Were young. Lets go

August 19, 2008

As I sit in my hotel room I think to myself that within a month my life can drastically change. I am finally set to leave this place of the great cheesesteaks and as of now I am not sure where I will be. Personally I would like to to overseas… Korea would be my number one choice, then japan or china (shanghai, taiwan etc). But as of now due to the market demand for SAP singapore looks like a possibilty as well as Amsterdam. If the international travel ends up not working out i would live to ed backup in NYC, LA. It is amazing to think how much my life can change in a span of the 30 days to come.

With that said I think I have got bit by the travel bug. Next weekend I will be in Seattle, then LA then NYC, then Seattle then Vegas, and then not sure yet. After the Vegas trip if anyone wants to go somewhere please tell me! I am always up for a trip to somewhere!!!

For those of you who know me know that I have 4 dogs… Well one of them is named Bear and tell me do you think he looks like an Ewok from starwars?

Here is Bear Bear

Here is an Ewok

Oh yeah!!! Totally forgot to update on this part of my life. In the past two weeks I have been having some iaaues with driving… Specifically backing out. Two weeks ago I backed my rental mustang into a pole (and cause very little damage thank you) but last week I was not as lucky. This is what happens when you mix the following:

Still sleepy Ray Choi PLUS

And you get the following:

And finally some pretty pictures of Seattle that I could not resist posting. (thanks JT for the BBQ and the location for letting me take these pictures)


August 13, 2008

For as long as a I can remember my family has always owned some sort of store. We first owned a gas station in a small town called Tenino which later we sold and built a store in Olympia which then we added a pizza store to. Not to long ago my parents ended up selling this store and were retired for a short amount of time. During this tine they went to Europe and enjoyed the life of not working. Now they have ventured off and purchased another store this time in Elma.(pictures will be added later). I am extremly proud of what my parents have accomplished. They were able to move here from Korea, my dad was able to get a masters in engineering, they were able to put three kids through college and even pay for our living expenses. I can honestly say that I am one of the lucky ones who has parents that are caring enough to support us through what ever we wanted to do. Well recently I went down to Elma to say to my dad (he bought a trailor and lives in the back parking lot of the store, Elma is a hour south of Olympia or 2 hours from Seattle) and I realized exactly how old he has gotten in the past 6 months from working at the store. He literally is opening the store at 5 in the morning and closing the store at 12 at night and sleeping in the trailor in the parking lot. I am normally not the type to show too much emotion in front of people, let alone by dad but when I saw I him I couldn’t help but say hi and quickly walk away to the bathroom to wipe the tear away from my eyes. I couldn’t help but think that he doesn’t need to work. Our family will do ok without him and my mom slaving over a store but they choose to continue to work to help us (the kids) get something extra. It also made me think that he has no enjoyment in his life. He doesn’t have the chance to go out and golf anymore let alone eat dinner at home.

Dad I know you will never ever see this, nor will I ever tell you this in person but thank you for all that you have done for me, eric and 누나. We all makes mistakes in life and I have forgave you for most of them. You worked endlessly so that all three of us can have an education and make something of ourselves. You have reached that so called “American dream” and you can rest now. We can take it from here.

Mom. All I need to say is thank you and I love you.


August 9, 2008

Today was the first time in months that I went to a real gym. It felt really good to go back and lay down below a bar with some weights but that good feeling was soon over run by the aches in my arms, back and shoulder. We all have to start somewhere and I hope that today is where I start a new self. Though I tell myself every week I will start and get more fit and become like by little brother (who I feel my mom gave all the good genes too… Thanks mom!!) the workout with my younger brother motivated me to eat better and get to the gym more often. (I have to stop using traveling as an excuse!)

After the gym I went to watch Batman the Dark Knight at the IMAX theatre. The movie blew my mind away. Heath Ledger was such a great actor. His portrayal of the Joker was amazing. Aside from the physical appearance of the Joker, Heath was able to put in these little quirks that made the audience beleive that he was a true pathological killer, one who did not kill for money but for rather the thrill of causing mayhem to the world. It was the subtle actions that really made the character beleivable. There were the little tounge flicks, the slouch in the walk, the way he stood up after being hit, and of course the all famous laugh which if you heard it else where would send a shiver down your spine. I walked away from the movie satisified and wishing that Heath Ledger was alive to be the Joker again in the next Batman movie.

After the movie came to an end we walked out of the pacific science place and I had to take some pictures of beautiful Seattle.

This is before the movie…

Here is after the movie. You have to love Seattle!!!